Month: January 2018

ADH: TimelineJS, StorymapJS, and a short video

   I have used both TimelineJS and StorymapJS before, and each time I use them I become more comfortable with them. This time, since the instructions were pretty open, I was able to be more creative and learned how to incorporate photos that I have taken myself, which opened my eyes to the different Read More

ADH #2: Sample Websites/Projects

From the websites I looked at, one thing that stood out to me was the visual aspects. The Histories of the National Mall site is very visually engaging and easy to read and understand. It clearly shows where to click for certain content, and has a great combination of visual and textual elements. The Black Perspectives site Read More

Why I chose Adventures in Digital History

One reason I chose to take this course is to fulfill one of the 400-level requirements for the history major. I specifically decided to take this seminar because I am also a Digital Studies minor, and I thought it would be a great way to combine my two fields of study. I also hope to Read More