Month: November 2018


GrimmLockeTales- PDF For our NaNoGenMo project, I created a novel that combines Grimm’s Fairy Tales and John Locke’s Second Treatise on Government. I chose these texts from Project Gutenberg because I am familiar with both of them from history classes, and I thought combining them would create an interesting output with the vastly different themes, Read More

Hummingbird Project- Light-up Christmas Tree

For my project, I used the Hummingbird board and CreateLab Visual programmer to create a light up Christmas tree that spins around. My concept was to hook LED lights, a spinning motor, and a light sensor to the board. When the light sensor detected darkness, the lights would come on an the tree would spin. Read More

Screensaver Project My Creative Coding screensaver project is inspired by the iconic 90s 3D pipes animation. My sketch uses an ellipse that moves around the screen, bouncing off the edges at different angles. I made the background completely transparent in my draw() function, which means that every time the program moves the ellipse, the previous loops Read More