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Final Portfolio Reflection

For my final portfolio, I chose four of my projects that I felt needed improvement or received lower than 6 points. To see each revised project, go to “Creative Coding Portfolio” in the main menu and choose a project from the dropdown menu. Here, I will go through my revision process and reflect on my Read More

Revised Clock

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Glitch Art- Haunted Camping Trip

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Final Project- Lithophane Lamp

For my final project, I chose to use 3D printing and LED lights connected to a watch battery to create a lamp. At first, I was just going to design a lamp shaped like a box, with an open top and designs in the sides for the light to come through. After starting my design Read More

Revised Remix

For my remix project, I chose to use the text of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility to appropriate into a 8-lined poem. To do this in python I used textblob, which allowed me to assign each word in the text to a part of speech tag, then create lines from random words of a certain p.o.s. Read More

Revised NaNoGenMo

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Revised Screensaver Project

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Creative Clock For my clock project, I decided to use elements of nature to show the passing of time. The sun moves across the screen, with its horizontal movement mapped to the current minute. The flower, which I made using rotate() with ellipses, moves its petals in an abnormal circular pattern with each second, and it Read More


GrimmLockeTales- PDF For our NaNoGenMo project, I created a novel that combines Grimm’s Fairy Tales and John Locke’s Second Treatise on Government. I chose these texts from Project Gutenberg because I am familiar with both of them from history classes, and I thought combining them would create an interesting output with the vastly different themes, Read More

Hummingbird Project- Light-up Christmas Tree

For my project, I used the Hummingbird board and CreateLab Visual programmer to create a light up Christmas tree that spins around. My concept was to hook LED lights, a spinning motor, and a light sensor to the board. When the light sensor detected darkness, the lights would come on an the tree would spin. Read More

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