Creative Coding

Our first project for Creative Coding was to create a Twitter Bot that can generate at least 100,000 different tweets. My bot ( is named “Combined Poetry.” It tweets a line from a collection of Edgar Allan Poe poetry and Shakespeare sonnets together to create a two-line collaborative poem. It tweets twice a day, and the code can be found under To figure out how many different generated tweets my bot could create, I multiplied the number of lines in the Poe list with the number in the Shakespeare list, and came up with a little over 100,000.


For our second project I used the text of Jane Austen’s ‘Sense and Sensibility’ to create appropriated poetry. Using Jupyter Notebook, I coded the text to create 8-line poems combining randomly chosen nouns and adjectives. Here is an example of my output:

propriety expressive carriage cruel compassion
retirement good world own profession
refund happy walk decent heart
want last manner other opinion
enough agreeable marriage much sound
tender several society dull song
yesterday derivative sentiment imperfect day
dance narrow town many doubt

and another output:

favourite simple independence earnest flow
company happy day safe acquaintance
faith ineligible mind own behaviour
visit imminent name much sorrow
diffuse last window short cause
discontent youthful comfort thirty education
furniture peculiar security ridiculous energy
home different hear such temple

The code for my poems is hosted on
I consider this rendition of Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility' poetry because her novel has many themes such as love, marriage, and home life that can be found in these randomized poems. These themes and the tone of her novel are apparent in the poetry my code creates. Her word choice transfers to poetry nicely and creates a sort of comforting, familiar feel.